Evidence-based program for workplace and employee literacy.

Fantastic Phonics is distributed to children and adults by Research Triangle International, a global educational specialist.

The Program forms the phonics component of a $75 million literacy intervention into Liberia. Rwanda and South Sudan Followed. Fiji is under discussion. Almost 550,000 children and families use Fantastic Phonics to read.

It incorporates the "Synthetic Phonics" approach, which carefully enunciates the sound of each letter in the word, and the role they play in "building the sound" of the word. It also incorporates the "Onset and Rime" approach which (as the reader becomes more skilled, helps them looks for repetitive letter clusters ('ack' as in track, pack, sack, rack, jack) which develops phonemic fluency (speed of decoding and hence, reading.)

Almost all Australian schools use Fantastic Phonics. It forms the Phonics component of "Multilit", the widespread remedial program of Macquarie University.

Vocational Literacy has 15 years experience in literacy. The core program is available on computer, iPad and smartphone, and suitable for "smartboards" and projectors. It fits into whatever environment is available.

The program can be printed and compiled into 3 series, for personal, take-home assets.

There are 60 carefully graded Phonic Storybooks with comprehension and spelling exercises.

Multimedia allows the reader to "touch" each word and phrase, and hear the "sounding out" technique. Once the technique is known, progress is rapid.

SOLVING WORKPLACE LITERACY problems requires a proven program that will lift the literacy levels in your business, at a reasonable cost.

Vocational Literacy provides a reading strategy built around the Fantastic Phonics reading program which, in 2014, is  used by over 500,000 children and adults, by more than 5000 schools worldwide, and used by USAID for its literacy interventions into Africa. In one intervention, in the African country of Liberia, the program was extensively researched by Research Triangle Institute, a prestigious WorldBank funded organisation.

Download the EGRA Plus - Liberia Executive Summary


The Executive Report said, in part ...

The research "shows that the full treatment group increased student achievement for every section of the EGRA, often with quite large impacts on student achievement. In fact, the overall EGRA Plus effect size was 0.79 standard deviations, which is enormous in social science."

"The EGRA Plus full treatment effect was the equivalent of 1.9 school years in phonemic awareness, 1.8 school years in familiar word reading, a remarkable 8.0 years in unfamiliar word fluency,9 1.9 years in oral reading fluency, 2.0 years in reading comprehension, and 1.8 years in listening comprehension."

The EGRA Plus program did not simply increase the learning outcomes for children; it dramatically accelerated children’s learning to an extent seldom found in educational or social science research."

"Most critically, the EGRA Plus program accelerated the learning of children so much that children learned the equivalent of three years of schooling in one year."


  • Letter naming fluency. The EGRA Plus produced a 59% increase in letter naming fluency.
  • Phonemic awareness. An increase of 67%
  • Familiar word fluency. An increase of 247.8%
  • Unfamiliar word fluency. An Increase of 485.7% (from 2.5 words per minute to 17.3 words per minute)
  • Oral reading fluency. An increase of 138.2%, (from 20.8 to 49.6 words per minute)
  • Reading comprehension. Increase of  130.1% over baseline