Thiess - Field Leadership Development Program.

Thiess wanted to ensure that its training document
could be read by field employees.

We also wrote the keynote address for the program
launch, delivered by an executive general manager

Thiess introduced a major new training program and we were asked to ensure that it was able to be read by the employees. We were also then asked to write an engaging speech for the General Manager.

thiess field leadership development program

Keynote Speech

As organisations have flattened their management structures, leadership capabilities have become more complex. And as more uniformity is required, diversity has become more obvious.

Organisations, structures, people and practices are facing unprecedented uncertainty; the result is ever-increasing complexity and change, with increasing demands on the skills of the leader. This increased complexity has demanded a new level of field leadership skills, and has emphasized the widening skill gap between the trained, expert leader and the “experienced, seat of the pants” leader.

These increasing pressures have emphasised the field leadership of the Thiess supervisors; crucial to the aspirations of our company, supervisors are critical for safety, productivity and retention of the workforce. As a result, Thiess WA has developed this program to ensure the highest quality of leadership possible, at the front line.

This document outlines how to secure the best possible candidate, and how to further develop their leadership skills - their core competency – which is essential at all levels of Field Leadership. It outlines each step that Thiess takes from recruitment to leadership development. Leadership is defined as “organising a group of people to achieve a common goal”.

A leader is not always trained. Leadership theories are broad, involving traits, situational interaction, function, behaviour, power, vision, values, and intelligence, among others. Leadership can also be defined as “inspiring others to achieve desired goals, through clear and consistent messages about the importance of the organisation’s needs.”

Safety management is a critical skill area, and the formal Supervisor Competency framework will improve the consistent understanding of safety management tasks. A safety management task is a definable activity, action or process such as project risk assessments, OH&S training in the work-place, or effective OH&S management plans.

At Thiess, Supervision plays a vital role in communicating our values, culture and direction to our Workforce. We value the ability of a Supervisor to communicate to the men and women under their care and responsibility.

To achieve that, our Field Leadership Program has been designed to provide training and guidance to Supervisors; to ensure that our Supervisors fully understand the key requirements of Supervision, and to ensure that our Supervisors can successfully communicate those requirements to their Workforce. This is the cornerstone of each Supervisor’s role at Thiess.

Foremost in all the requirements, is the Supervisor’s responsibility in the day-to-day safety of our people. The Program also gives Supervisors a better understanding of our business objectives, one of which is the investment in people, the key ingredient to the continued growth of our company. Your commitment to this program will contribute to the welfare, safety and better running of our company.

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