Structured, systematic, adult literacy program


There are Four Pillars of the literacy program

online phonics program to teach phonemic awareness and foundation reading skills

Fantastic Phonics is an acclaimed, world-wide learn to read program which which is used by approximately 500,000 children and adults

  • teaches "decoding" of words through phonics principles; and
  • builds phonemic awareness - the skill of understanding the sounds that letters make
  • 60 books, lesson plans and multimedia; 8 videos
  1. optional extension and customisation with words, phrases and idioms from your workplace
  2. management-level literacy - assessment and personal assistance
  3. business documents - re-writing to be comprehensible to staff.

An online foundation skills system, featuring an evidence proven phonics program, for literacy and numeracy

Intermediate, industry focused customisation to align employee skills with job requirements

Personalised management training in writing and communication

Business writing to align core safety and procedural documents with employee skills

Evidence Based - Researched by Government

Throughout Australia, and the world, the Vocational Literacy Foundation Reading program is bring literacy to early-readers, to remedial children, to left-behind teenagers, and adults.

"Fantastic Phonics" is a world-acclaimed, thoroughly researched program used by nearly 500,000 children and adults worldwide. It has been researched by USAID and World Bank.

“The program did not simply increase the learning outcomes ... it dramatically accelerated learning to an extent seldom found in educational or social science research. (USAID Executive Report, EGRA Plus: Liberia)”

The Cat Sat on the Mat  

A person with a reading problem - at any level - has a phonemic awareness deficit. This means they do not understand the relationship between letters and the sounds that they make.

An adult with this problem suffered the disability of inadequate schooling, which is can only be improved, not by "fixing" their current knowledge, but by the person "re-learning" how to read.

Fantastic Phonics teaches how the language is formed, and how to decode it using simple techniques.

The same Foundation program is used for children and adults - the knowledge they need to acquire is identical, except it is easier for adults because they have a much larger vocabulary to work with.

Mass Literacy for a massive problem

There are almost 7 million Australian adults who cannot read properly - 75% of businesses report problems with poor literacy.

Vocational Literacy provides a mass delivery, Foundation Reading Program that gives all your employees the basics of reading. We extend these foundation skills with words, phrases and language idioms drawn from your business, the work they do and the job specifics.

By the end of the program your employees have enough skill to decode 97% of the English language.

Our goal is to help your workers improve their job productivity. They will become more receptive to training, become available for upskilling, and draw more satisfaction from their employment.

Frankly put, if you help your employees to read, you will be rewarded ten times more than your investment.

Program Summary:

A gently graded, employer-managed, online vocational literacy system, with explicit, structured phonics. The program allows employees to improve their literacy at a convenient time, whether at work or at home. The system reduces the cost of face to face instruction and the impracticality of taking workers away from the workplace, but keeps employers in control. It provides an effective support for mentors and LLN practitioners.