Vocational Literacy works with teenagers and adults who need foundation and advanced  skills to improve business productivity and safety.

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In research conducted by the National Literacy Project, funded by the Australian Government, more than 75% of respondents reported that their business was affected by low levels of literacy and numeracy.

Vocational Literacy helps develop strategies to engage the problem in the workplace.

  • Preliminary benchmarking of literacy skills
  • return-to-basics relearning of English, using Phonics, to help readers fluently decode rather than guess.
  • production of workplace video showing critical job functions, with literacy equivalents
  • teach the crucial 225 core English words which enable consistent reading of 50-60% of text.
  • We look at your company's business documents, signage and safety documents (SWMS) to ensure that they are written in a text-style that can be easily decoded.

Illiteracy is insidious. Workers who cannot properly read develop a range of avoidance and coping mechanisms, to hide their reading problems.

The overall effect is that your workforce becomes difficult to train, except by expensive one-to-one demonstration.

The most common failures are;

  • poor completion of workplace documents
  • time wasting through repeated work
  • inability to pursue training