Vocational Literacy provides a range of online literacy tools to assist businesses improve workplace literacy and numeracy. Employees can work at their own speed, at home or work, and receive support to read, write and communicate more successfully.

Managers are able to receive support for generalised literacy issues or narrowly focused, job specific demands. Business managers can also gain support with business communication -  (for both customers and employees) are re-written in clean, easily understood prose, free of ambiguity, clumsy grammar and jargon.
  - "46% of adults cannot read satisfactorily for employment" (ABS)
Employees who cannot read, also cannot understand the concept of productivity. They cannot comprehend documents, or take on new skills, or participate in business improvements. More

- "75% of businesses report big problems with literacy" (AIG)

Wasted time, misunderstood directions, wasted materials and incomplete documents are the big costs of illiteracy. Training is unproductive and wasted, staff turnover is increased, and inability to understand the benefits of productivity - all these can make a company non-competitive. In every industry, in every occupation, poor literacy and numeracy skills are the greatest impediment to productivity. Managers see the problem, but don’t know where to start.

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Evidence-based Literacy and Numeracy Program, Online.
A business finds it difficult to commit the time required to improve literacy. Moreover, there's no-one who is qualified. We offer a proven, evidence-based Online Literacy and Numeracy Program which is used by almost all Australian schools, and it is used by 500,000 children and adults worldwide. We provide assistance to to CEO level. START HERE
Success at Ayres Rock.
The Indigenous Land Corporation purchased the Ayres Rock Resort (Yulara) to establish the National Indigenous Training Academy. One of the objectives was to significantly increase the employment opportunities (in the Resort) for people from the local Mutitjulu community. READ MORE

poor reading is expensive for business


Poor literacy is cited by 75% of companies as a costly problem. Most companies don't take action because they don't know where to start, and feel they don't have the skills to make an improvement. But with the right tools, it is easy. READ MORE



A discrete support service for managers who need a little help with their business writing - reports, speeches and presentations. We focus on common issues, with a checklist developed from your style.

poor reading is expensive for business


Vocational Literacy is part of Teach the World to Read, which donates literacy programs to developing communities. In 2013, nearly 500,000 children, adults and families learnt how to read using "Fantastic Phonics", our phonics Program. READ MORE